Hey Dolls! X 

We are Dolly Rockin’it we  Empower babes to pursue their passions, fearlessly. This is the essence of our brand: boosting babes to live and love, fearlessly. By designing fun, stylish, and sassy womenswear, we’re empowering women to glow-up, feel good and manifest a life of more pink, more passion, and more power.


Inspired by pink but fuelled by girl-power, our brand is all about supporting our sass-queens so every women can feel included, embraced and a part of something stronger: sisterhood. 


Welcoming all babes from all walks of life, Dolly Rockin’It designs diverse clothing to enhance all shapes, all sizes, and all colours. Whether you’re sipping strawberry milkshakes or picking the kids up from school, we focus on blending comfort, style, and a side dish of glam so every women has a feel-good statement piece that can be glowed-up or glammed-down for all-day activities.



Love from Renee